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Brunswick Parish

Parish Details

Brunswick Catholic Parish - Our Lady's Assumption Church

Ommany Road, Brunswick Junction.


Parish Priest:

Fr. Jess Navarra


Mass Times:

Friday- 9:00am

1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday - 10:30am

2nd & 4th Sunday - 8:30am


Phone: (08) 9729 1699

Fax: (08) 9729 2546



Parish History


The history of the Church in the district dates back to 1896 with the arrival at Roelands of a few Catholic families, which saw the eventual building in 1901 of a small timber and iron church at Roelands. A priest travelled from Bunbury only once every four months.


When some of the Catholic families moved to Brunswick, it was decided to move the Church from Roelands to Brunswick. Mr Frank Devlin collected money to buy the land. The first mass was offered towards the end of September 1909. In 1914, fundraising began for a new church - Our Lady's Assumption Church - the one still standing today, which was finally blessed and officially opened in 1922 by His Grace Archbishop Clune.


In the mid 1930's a number of Italian migrants arrived in the area and over the next decade there was quite a large populatoin of Italian people in the parish and 1956 saw the intorduction of 'Fiesta' to celebrate Our Lady's Assumption. It is still celebrated today.

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